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We empowered HR & IT teams to provide amazing employee onboarding experiences, reducing inefficiency and boosting productivity
What does SynPage do?
No more lengthy tedious text documents and endless tab-switching through video tutorials. No more frustrated managers and overwhelmed employees. With our AI-powered solution, creating on-screen interactive guides has never been easier. Embrace a hands-on experience, always there, every step of the way.
Prompt to RPA workflow
No longer need to manually generation RPA workflows. Our user-friendly Dashboard provides a clear and intuitive interface for you to generate workflows using prompts. The first end-to-end task automation solution for all of your procedural tasks, complex and repetitive.
Seamless Integrations
We help IT support teams of software providers to generate and maintain in-app interactive guides. By partnering with a broad range of software providers, we provide effortless software usage experience, where you can focus more energy on being a product manager than a developer.
No maintenance is needed
No longer need to manually maintain and update workflows. Our vision model ensures that your workflow is always up-to-date and accurate, no matter how you adjust the screen settings.
Liberating the human workforce
Unlock the power of AI with our cutting-edge RPA product. Get instant automation workflows with our user-friendly dashboard.
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